Disney Pixars The Good Dinosaur is a movie about the adventures and friendship of Arlo and Spot, a human and a dinosaur. The movie and the characters will be the preferred theme for many kids birthday party this year.

If you are planning on hosting one for your little one, the main colors for the theme are dark green and blue. Use the colors wisely while setting up the table and decorations.
You can find all the decorations in the graphic above at The good Dinosaur party decorations section on our store.

Fun ideas for the party:

monster feet

* Create your dino name: Add the word saurus or rex to the kids name, for example, Victoria will be Victoriasaurus and Axel could be Axelrex. Have fun creating your dino name!

* Draw Dinosaur footprints leading to your door.

* Set up a fossil digging station by placing sand in a big flat tray and hiding in it small plastic dinosaur toys, eggs and/or bones.

* The Dino stump: Buy 2 pairs of monster feet and tell the kids to step on them for a photo opp or for a mini walk if you feel comfortable with the activity.

Happy Planning.