Having a flamingo inspired party is a great way to incorporate fun but elegant ideas into your day.
Flamingos are being used as main inspiration for many type of celebrations including weddings, kids parties, birthday parties and summer events.

Take a look at this fab flamingo party decor and get some ideas to plan your own pink feather celebration!

Want to use this flamingo party decor? Here is the information on it, and ideas on how to use them:

* DIY Flamingo Invitation: Let everyone know about your celebration by making your own glittery flamingo invitations. These printable can be customized and used at any type of event, as you are able to change the text and font size and color, and you can print as many as you want.
You can even have a great coordinated party by using the templates in the invitation set instead or the invitation alone.

* Pink Poms Garland: Pom garlands can help you decorate the party room in many ways.
You can hang them above a table, on a wall, or even use them to frame a table skirt against a table.
The possibilities are endless just let your creativity guide you and create your own decor masterpiece
with them.

* Flamingo Wall Decals: If you want to create a great yet affordable background, using wall decals can be your answer. They can help you set the room, create ambiance and also create a great photo op location.
You can even include fun elements like real feathers, hats or feather boas for your guests to wear while taking fun pics.

* Flamingo Striped Napkins: These beautiful pink striped design featuring your favorite bird, goes great against any plate color. Teal, white, black, pink or gold plates are some of my favorites to create an effortless yet gorgeous table for your event.

* Flamingo Swizzle Sticks: These drink stirrers can be used in many ways. Sitting pretty on any drink, as cupcake or cake toppers and even as part of a centerpiece.

More Flamingo Party Ideas

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